Banjo Bob and Crazy Henry
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About Banjo Bob and Crazy Henry
Banjo Bob and Crazy Henry met on a job at Fordham University, and have been performing together ever since!  Their comedic give and take, and musical talent have been entertaining audiences all around the Metropolitan area since 1978.

The duo has performed all over Long Island, New York City, Westchester County, Connecticut & New Jersey.  They have played at Yankee Stadium & Shea Stadium.  Banjo Bob has opened for the world-famous Eddie Arnold, and Crazy Henry has appeared (with trombone in hand) multiple times on HBO's award winning show "Boardwalk Empire."  They also currently have their own TV show called "Still Trying", which can be seen around the Metropolitan area.
Banjo Bob
Crazy Henry
Banjo Bob lives in Suffolk County with his wife, and is a proud father of two daughters... and the proud grandfather to two beautiful grandsons!
Crazy Henry is a retired teacher, living  in Suffolk County with his wife, and is the proud father of a son and daughter... and has two beautiful grandchildren!
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Banjo Bob
Crazy Henry
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